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Army Boot Camp Fitness

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Army Boot Camp Fitness

Taking in the main tenets of military training, Army Boot Camp Fitness provides outdoor classes to those looking to build and maintain strength in some of London’s most revered esplanades.

From the sprawling Victoria Park and woodlands of Wanstead Park to the expansive greenery of Highbury Fields, sessions make use of the locale and are arranged to suit each participant’s fitness levels. Bibs are colour coded to help identify suitability for each training route before the relevant warm up and main activities. There are usually no more than 15 people to one instructor, and the groups are normally split into pairs for sprints, press-ups and sit-ups followed by a warm down.

Consisting of a gentle jog, some mild stretching and a chance to catch up on the day’s events, the warm down is the ideal way to avoid muscular pain the morning after. For the following evening, fitness fanatics can take part in the regular social events, which in the past, have included Sunday Roasts, drinks in the city and post-workout lunches.

However, for those who can’t get enough of the rigorous intensity of military boot camp, survival weekends provide an adventurous supplement in the form of camping, making fires and scavenging. Classes are available in the evenings and mornings to accommodate most lifestyles and, with the focused attention, feedback and motivation of the instructors, who have been featured on BBC 3′s Last Woman Standing, getting fit in a social environment is all the more achievable with Army Boot Camp Fitness.

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